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All too well

Mati. Sixteen.
I'm the girl in the dress.

I wish so badly that I could talk about the new record, I really do, that’s all I want to talk about, it’s all I think about, I’m obsessed with it.

All I can really tell you is that it’s my favourite thing of all I’ve ever done and I promise you, you’ll know why.

– Taylor Swift on Album 5 - (via afadedpictureofabeautifulnight)


I can’t wait for all the new haylor or taylor edits in general with the new lyrics like it makes me so excited just thinking about it


Just because someone’s parents are together, someone has a nice house, has nice clothes, isn’t poor, eats every day and has a loving family doesn’t mean they can’t be depressed, have anxiety, an eating disorder, self harm issues, or any other problem.